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Change doesn’t happen by decree.

Leaders first need to earn trust and inspire confidence from those who will execute the organization’s strategies – employees. That’s where we come in.

Livewire takes the complexity that accompanies change or transformation and crafts a clear and emotionally resonant story. We then bring it to life in a way that wins the hearts and minds of employees and moves them to action.

The power of partnership.

Internal initiatives are complicated by internal dynamics and politics. “The way we do things here” can also be the way new things don’t get done. Even success is a legacy that keeps us focused on today. For all the right reasons, the culture, people, and processes that built who you are now can keep you from adapting for tomorrow.

Getting the different outcomes you need requires a different approach. Often the internal teams who need to inspire with the vision of tomorrow are just as much inside the current circumstances as everyone else.

Our external perspective and decades of experience equip us to work closely with your team as we generate the strategy, language, visuals, and experiences that cut through the noise and move employees to rally around the change.

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Meet our leadership.

  • Mark Attard, CEO + Partner
    Mark has more than two decades of experience enabling change, transforming culture, and elevating employee experience through communication.

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  • Briare Corcoran, President (Uniity) + Partner
    Our founder, and the heart and soul of Livewire. Briare and her pioneering spirit lead our start-up, Uniity, outsourced employee communications designed for mid-sized companies.

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  • Scott MacDonald, VP Audience Experience and Technology + Partner
    Scott is our technology tomorrow-seeker. He helps Livewire and our clients capitalize on the best channels, platforms, tools, apps, and approaches to create experiences that connect.

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  • Judy Corupe, VP Creative
    Judy is a bold and inspiring leader. Her inquisitive nature and creative prowess challenge our team of creative professionals to always deliver impactful work for our clients.

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  • Robin Gibson, VP Strategy
    Robin leads a team of experienced professionals who build powerful and effective communication strategies.

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  • Tal Henderson, VP Research and Innovation
    With an eye always fixed on the future, Tal and his team ensure that Livewire continues to improve and that every decision we make for our clients is an informed one.

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  • Eliza Wojcik, VP Finance
    Specializing in risk management, financial systems, and business combinations, Eliza and her team ensure we are easy for our clients to work with, and that our team has everything they need to deliver their best.

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  • Michon Ellis, Managing Director, Chicago
    With over 20 years of experience spanning corporate communications, public relations and DEI, Michon leads all aspects of business development and client experience with our Chicago team.

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Meet our team.

We are committed to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Livewire is an equal opportunity employer and proud to offer jobs in an environment where diversity, equity, and inclusivity are embraced.

Working with a DEI expert, we have developed a multi-year plan to make real progress removing bias and barriers within our culture and practices. In recent months, we have delivered educational sessions to our employees on understanding and reducing bias and microaggressions. We have implemented new recruitment practices, which have led to 50% of our job applicants coming from DEI categories. We know we have more do to, and we are committed to doing it.

Livewires come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. We recognize that not all expertise is captured in a previous job title and are more interested in your knowledge, skills, abilities, and spirit.

Join Livewire.

We are professional communicators, but we are also employees, and we understand that the experience we have at work matters.

When you enter one of Livewire’s offices or interact with any member of our team, you’ll immediately experience the values that define us. Our supportive, friendly, active, and hard-working spirit makes Livewire as great an organization to work at as it is to work with.

We are a fully hybrid workplace and our model is “choice”: work where it’s right for your role. Our campus-style offices are equipped to ensure teams can connect, wherever they happen to be sitting.

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Communication is essential

Employee testimonials.

Employees are truly valued and supported! (Sep 2021)

The leadership team at Livewire is committed to ensuring that employees feel valued and supported. They prioritize open and transparent communication and flexibility to create an environment where employees can thrive. The quick and effective response to COVID, with immediate implementation of new digital tools to support the work-from-home environment, enabled the company (and its employees) to weather the storm. Kudos and thank you! We are bouncing back and the future looks great!

Welcoming team and interesting work (Aug 2020)

After working for several companies I find working at Livewire to be a refreshing change of pace. Everyone seems to genuinely like each other the leadership team cares about the well-being of team members. The holistic approach to creating communication strategies and execution plans (via a partnership between strategists, creatives and digital SME's) makes the work we do for clients very valuable.

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