Books. You have too many.
And Livewire wants them.

This holiday season, as part of our continuing initiative to promote literacy in our communities, we’ve created Pass it On – a book drive that will take all those underused books that are cluttering your life and pass them on to people who are developing a love of reading. Any genre is welcome, from kids to young adult to classics to horror to biography – anything, apart from old manuals and textbooks (we’re trying to nurture a love of reading, after all).

Our goal is 1000 books. Ambitious, we know. That’s why we’re asking for your help.

To donate, email us here:

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Why Literacy?

Livewire’s passion for communication drives our desire to support literacy in our communities. Millions of Canadians lack the necessary reading skills to keep pace with the demands of society and the economy. It affects the well-being of individuals, families and communities, as it can be directly linked to poverty, health issues and high unemployment rates.

22% of Canadians have serious difficulty reading printed material. While an additional 26% read, but not well.*

These numbers are far too high – nearly half of Canada’s population – and they don’t need to be.

Our Partners

Frontier College is a national literacy organization working with volunteers and community partners to help develop skills and confidence people need to reach their potential.
Learn more about them here. (

The Children’s Book Bank is a registered Toronto charity that supports childhood literacy by providing free books and support to children in low-income neighborhoods. (

*Source: Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) – Statistics Canada