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Mercedes-Benz announces Livewire as strategic partner

March, 4th, 2011 – In December 2010, Livewire was selected by Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Ltd. as their key partner for their inaugural conferences in China. The primary purpose of these conferences was to communicate to, and collaborate with, their Dealer Principles. Livewire was responsible for developing the messages so that the audience would both understand and embrace the value proposition of Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Ltd. The conference theme had to be true to the Mercedes-Benz brand and convey confidence, trust and sophistication.

Livewire developed the over-arching meeting message and designed the supporting creative platform. The video modules we created needed to strike the right balance between the rational and emotional messages. Livewire conducted focused industry and market research to blend key facts with our creative expertise to deliver videos that truly captivated this discerning audience. All of this work was delivered in Mandarin.

Logistically, Livewire had complete responsibility for the planning and execution of the three conferences, which were held over a two week period in February and March 2011. Taking place in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing, our team was responsible for the complete guest experience. Livewire’s fulltime employee in Shanghai was an important reason why each detail from venue negotiation through to staging production and entertainment were expertly delivered.

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